"Ugg, ugg. Grunt. Grunt."

- A Caveman. -

Alright folks, here goes

I've been playing drums since I was about 12 or so

So I'm the guy sat at the back of the stage; hitting various bits and bobs and making angry faces and sweating a lot, commonly known as "Drumming". I've been drumming since I was a wee lad at the age of 13 (or something) and haven't stopped since! In my youth there were approximately three other drummers in the world that I knew of and they were THE COOLEST THING EVER. These gods amongst men are as follows...


Michael "Moose" Thomas -> Bullet for my Valentine

Phil Collins -> Genesis

James Owen Sullivan -> Avenged Sevenfold


Eventually, my music taste developed into various other bands such as; Papa Roach, Lamb of God, A Day to Remember, The Dirty Youth, Five Finger Death Punch, System of a Down, etc. 


Outside of the band I do the usual kind of s***; watch TV, hang out with mates, drink beer and play video games. I love FPS's such as Call of Duty and Gears of War and I also love games like Minecraft, Dawn of War and DOTA 2 (even though I suck at DOTA :P)


But if there's anything else you guys wanna know, follow me on twitter @sam_DRUMS_ward 


Peace! :P

Sam Ward



-Mapex Tornado
-12" 13" 16" Toms

-22" Bass Drum

-Pearl Vision 14" Snare 

-14" Med Heavy Hi-Hat (Paiste)

-16"  Med Thin Crash (Wuhan)
-17" Classic Series Crash (Stagg)

-20" Ride (Millennium)

-17" SH Stagg China

-8" Zildjian ZBT Splash

-Circular Saw Blade 

Hardware -

-Double Kick Pedal (Pearl)

-2 legged Hi-Hat stand (Millennium)

-Straight arm g24 (Sonix)

- straight arm (Gear4Music)

-Long arm boom (Pearl)
-Long arm boom with counterweight (Fame)
-Small boom (Mapex)

-Clamp arm (Pearl)

Misc -
-Evans Skins G2 Coated (Toms)
-Evans Skin clear hydraulic (Snare)
-Evans E-rings 
-Sticks 3 for £10 Bargain Bucket

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