Release. 2

Drag Me Down (2018)

Released: 9th March 2018

Track listing:


  1. Parasite

  2. Undone

  3. Drag Me Down


TRIVIA - Although this MCD began its journey at The Session Music Studios in Worcester, UK, it has three homes. Recording was concluded at The Ozcave Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden and mastering at Sonne Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark. 



EP. 1

Into a Dream (2013)

Released late 2013 as a digipak, Into A Dream (Insomnium) was our first studio EP, After a very short production period, it was released at the O2 Academy in Birmingham 29th November 2013 with an amazing turnout and support from Her Dark Embrace. The original demo release has since been discontinued and remastered versions of the more successful songs on the EP are planned to be featured alongside more recent releases on upcoming publications. 


The album was rated 93% by Ramzine and given 4/5 stars.

Track listing:


  1. No Escape

  2. Mr Ignorance

  3. Light Me Up 

  4. Bad Cats & Magic Water

  5. Forget The World

  6. Face The Shame 

  7. Insomnium 


TRIVIA - The original 50 CD release tracklisting, although correct on the case, was pressed incorrectly on the CDs. All original copies came with a paper insert with the song order within the case.